What is REACH?

The European Parliament has approved legislation, which will lead to the safety testing of thousands of chemicals. The legislation, called REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals), is widely regarded as one of the most important regulations in 20 years.

ECHA has created one pre-registration database to catalogue all of the chemicals used in the EU. Any business that manufactures or imports more than one tonne of a substance per year are required to demonstrate that the chemicals it uses are safe, by registering in the central database. The REACH initiative will create a greater sense of responsibility, across industry, for managing human and environmental risks from chemicals.

The popular perception and one BIO-CLEAN fully supports, is that REACH will encourage the replacement of hazardous chemicals and solvents with environmentally safe, biodegradable products, giving more impetus to the research, development and utilisation of new detergent products within industry.

Please read the UK Government REACH Website for further information.

Brulin Detergent Chemicals have been Pre-Registered for REACH

The individual chemicals that are required to be Pre-Registered for compliance under the regulations of REACH that have been identified within the formulas of the Brulin Aqueous Detergents we supply has been completed.

Pre-Registration has been accomplished through Brulin & Company's selected OR (Only Representative) in Europe, Intertek.

All downstream users will be covered by these chemical pre-registrations of substances used within the detergent products.

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